Secret Spin & Win

You have been chosen from a small number of clients, for the annual “Spin & Win Competition” with MyTaxiTax for a chance to win a FREE Tax return for 2022 with zero catches.

Other prizes include…

  • 100% Voucher €250
  • 50% Voucher €125
  • 10% Voucehr €25
  • 5% Vouceher €12.50
  • An ebook on how to dodge the tax man
  • and even a turkey for Christmas

All you have to do is spin the wheel below and see how you get on.

Make note of any winning coupon codes and be sure to file your return ONLINE before they expire on 15th July 2023.

Again, Returns have to be filed ONLINE with us to avail of these voucher codes.

Best of Luck

[wof_wheel id=”2070″]